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The Game of Truth

Two people are brought together by a game. The Game of Truth. No lies. No secrets. Nothing must be hidden. Honesty being the foundation of their relationship, they became bestfriends in a snap despite their completely different personalities. What will happen if one of them puts the game on pause? Will their friendship take a break as well? To make everything worse, they both started lying. Truth: Who will get caught first? 


The Game of Truth. 

A game for 2 players only. 

Each player can only play one game at a time. 


1.     Each player will alternately ask one question. 

2.     The other must answer honestly within 10 seconds. 

3.     Pausing the game: 

a.     if a player aka the Leaver, plays the game with someone else (the Outsider) 

4.     Resuming the game: 

a.     Only if the Leaver comes back after finishing the game with the Outsider. 

b.     The other player will then be given 5 bonus questions that the Leaver must answer before resuming the game. 

5.     Only 1 “Pass” for each player throughout the whole game. 

6.     Time limit for each game: None. 

7.     Losing the game: Get caught lying. 

8.     Winner gets 3 wishes. Loser must do all 3 wishes.

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I will be uploading my fan fiction here. This is my first shot in writing so please be easy on me. =D

However, these are with english names for my non-kpop-followers.

If you want the B2ST version, please proceed to my asianfanfics account.

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