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August 2011 - Present

I felt chills going up my spine as I felt every part of my steaming body touch the cold wooded floor. My chest still going up and down because of my pounding heartbeat. As if I had just taken a shower, my hair’s so damp with sweat. Sweat that is glistening in every nook of my body making my supposedly loose shirt stick to my still hot skin. I inhaled as much air as I could to even out my ragged breathing. Not being able to move a single limb in this body of mine, I just let my muscles relax after that exhausting workout. *What an intense session.*

“That was… intense, right?” I heard the husky voice next to me, also still catching his own breath. Not having the energy to even say yes, I just gave him a nod. I was waiting for him to say something else, but all I heard was both of us panting. After a few more minutes, there was a comfortable silence. My eyes start to close as I embraced the tiredness I’m feeling. Thinking about my soft bed at home, I sighed.

“Tired?” he finally broke the silence. Again, I nodded. He didn’t say anything else afterwards. What might be an awkward silence to other people isn’t for us. I doubt we even ever encountered an awkward silence the whole time we’ve known each other. Just then, I felt my stomach growl.

He chuckled, “Let’s eat first before I drive you home.”

With my eyes still closed, I turned to my side facing him. As I gave him another nod, he chuckled once again. *I want samgyupsal*

“Samgyupsal?” I nodded a few times this time with a smile as I heard his suggestion. *YES! Good thing we have the same favorite food*

I heard him chuckle for the third time. *That’s it! Why does he keep on laughing?!* I finally opened my eyes and peeked at him. He had his eyes closed too. I took this opportunity to look at his face. I can still see a few drops of sweat on his forehead. I always hated his eyebrows, it looks so much better than mine. Same goes with his long eyelashes. Mine are so short. I turned to his chubby cheeks. They’re so cute. That’s probably the only part of his body that has some fat in it! Another thing to be jealous about, he’s freaking skinnier than me! I’m going to buy him a lot of samgyupsal and make him finish the whole thing! He needs to gain some weight… or at least build some muscles! I tried to imagine him with abs. I giggled. Nevermind, I have always liked his body. Tall and lean. Just perfect. Trying to avoid my favorite part of his face, I looked at his jaw line. Again, it’s perfect. I just want to nibble on it and bite it. Just then, my eyes landed on his lips - the thing I want to avoid the most. I don’t even want to start describing it or else I would just go on and on and rant about how… captivating it is. It’s like a magnet pulling my eyes to stare at it all the time. The shape is just perfect just like every part of his body. I was about to take my eyes off his lips when I saw him smirk.

“I know I’m hot and perfect but staring is rude.”

I frowned. Honestly, can this guy read my mind?

“Yes, I can. Come on, we’ve known each other for years already. Of course, I should know everything about you.” That’s always his answer every time I ask him if he’s psychic or not? He knows everything that’s going on in my head. He gave another smirk as he opened his eyes. I take back when I said his lips are my favorite part. How can I forget about his eyes…? Those brown orbs that look into mine with such intensity. Staring deep into my soul as if he’s reading all of my thoughts. I closed my eyes, blocking him to go any further. *I can’t let him find out. Never. Or else, I’m going to lose the game.*

Another round of solitude. Just when I thought he’s going to another “chuckle” fit, I heard him sigh instead. I opened my eyes wondering what the sigh was for. But all I saw next to me was the wooden floor. I sat up to look for him. He was walking towards the door.


“I’m going to talk to the boys in the other room. Get ready so we can leave when I come back,” He answered before I even asked the question.

I stood up and looked around for a while. Mirrors in every side of the room. Showing every angle of my tired self. Just like him, the mirrors see each and all of my weaknesses. I sighed. *Why am I always surrounded by people, heck even things, that read me so well.*

I was cleaning the dance studio when one of my students entered. “Hey Jessica.. Did you forget something?”

“Nope. I just wanted to say that your new choreo is amazing! It’s really hard but I love every second of it.”

“Aww thanks! You were great today and learned everything really fast. If you keep getting better, you might even take over my job.” She giggled. I kept on cleaning. Rushing because he might come back soon. I glanced over Jessica. I saw her sitting, leaning against one of the mirrors looking down on the floor. I sat down next to her, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“I… umm… can… you… um… help me?”

“Sure! Do you need help with any of the steps? I’ll go over it with you.”

“No!… I mean, it’s not about the choreo. It’s something personal.”

“Oh, ok what is it about?”

“It’s about…. Goeffrey”

“What did he do this time? Still annoying and mocking you?”

“… No, that’s the thing… He’s kind of avoiding me. And I’m not used to it… Ughh it’s so annoying”

“What’s annoying you? The fact that he’s not bothering you anymore? Shouldn’t you be happy? You guys are like cats and dogs. Always yelling at each other during practice”

“It’s not about that…. It’s just that, I thought I had him all figured out. But now that he’s acting this way, it’s like he’s a completely different person than before.”

“So… you want to get to know to him more?”

“I guess… But just like what you said, we used to “fight” a lot. It’s going to be awkward to just start talking… normally… to have a conversation with him. He’s always just playing around. And he sees me only as his dance competition.”

“Then play and compete with him.”

“Eh… What?” I saw her confused look as she stared at me. I smiled thinking about the past. *This was just like us before*

“Yeah. Play The Game of Truth with him. You’ll both be playing, so it’s not that serious. It won’t be awkward because it’s just a game. And since he’s so competitive, he wouldn’t just give up and lose… therefore, giving you more time get to know him”

“I guess… How do you play it?”

The Game of Truth. 

A game for 2 players only.

Each player can only play one game at a time.


1.     Each player will alternately ask one question.

2.     The other must answer honestly within 10 seconds.

3.     Pausing the game:

a.     if a player aka the Leaver, plays the game with someone else (the Outsider)

4.     Resuming the game:

a.     Only if the Leaver comes back after finishing the game with the Outsider.

b.     The other player will then be given 5 bonus questions that the Leaver must answer before resuming the game.

5.     Only 1 “Pass” for each player throughout the whole game.

6.     Time limit for each game: None.

7.     Losing the game: Get caught lying.

8.     Winner gets 3 wishes. Loser must do all 3 wishes.

"Are you sure this would work?"

“Yes, Jun and I are the living proof that this game works.” Just when I said that, the door opened and a head poked inside.

“Yah! Let’s go! I’m starving! And stop talking about me! Faster!”

I looked back at Jessica and whispered, “See… He knows everything.”

“Of course I know everything! Let’s go!”

“Ok, Ok. I’m coming! Bye Jessica! Do it. It will work. I promise.” I said as I waved her goodbye.

As we walked down the hall, Jun puts his arms around my shoulder, “Game of Truth?”

“Yeap,” I simply answered.

We got to his car. As I finish settling down, I waited for him to start it. But he just sat there, staring blankly in front. He turned to me, wonder and curiosity emitting from his eyes as he asked a question,”T: do you regret playing the game with me?”

We both stared at each other as he started his countdown.


“No. Of course not,” Because I never wanted him to think that I’m thinking too much for an answer, I always answer him before the 10 seconds are over.

"Good. Because I don’t either," He said so fast as if he already knew what my answer’s going to be. He then brought the engine to life and drove down the road. It’s probably been 5 minutes already, but I caught myself still looking at him.

“Stop admiring my face,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes as I turned to look out the window. The sun is setting already, painting the horizon with a shade of orange and red. Day and night fighting on who’s going to take over. *Of course, the stars will win.* I rolled down my window, leaning my arm on it. I then lay my head on my forearm. As soon as I did this, I felt the warm summer breeze touch my face, and with that, I let a tear out allowing it to join the wind removing any evidence of my weakness.

*Shit, I just lied to him again.*

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