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Chapter 1 - The Book

September 2008

The sun is slowly rising, lighting the darkness of the night sky with its bright rays. The cool breeze mixing with the still warm air, dancing along quietly as it rustles the leaves of every tree it passes by. Humming birds getting ready to sing its way to wake up any sleeping person in the vicinity. The bittersweet aroma of coffee filling up each houses one by one. It’s just like another typical Monday morning, everyone slowly dragging their feet around, getting ready for a new week of work.

Well everyone, except for one. His even breaths and soft snores still challenging the birds chirping outside his slightly open window. The only sound that can be heard in his room, aside from the noise coming from him, is the slow ticking of the clock sitting on the table beside his sleeping body. Tic-tic-tic-tic. As the seconds hand gets to twelve changing the time to six am, a loud, deafening ring broke that once soothing morning in his quiet apartment.

His eyes shot open while a hiss came from his lips. He moved his slightly numb hand from underneath his pillow as he tried to reach for the alarm clock that woke him up from his short slumber. He slammed the clock putting the room back to its stillness. Not fighting against his still sleepy state, he let his eyes shut close once again.

After what seemed like only a few minutes to him, he opened his eyes finally accepting the fact that he needs to wake up soon for work. He took his time getting up. As soon as his feet touched the floor, he felt a shudder giving him goose bumps. *Why is it so fucking cold in this house?!* As if a light bulb just flashed above his head, he scanned his body finally realizing that the only thing covering him is his blanket. He looked back behind him, his eyes landing on another sleeping body. Her bare back facing him. Long waves of auburn hair spread throughout the bed. With confusion and a tint of his hangover clouding his mind, *Fuck! What did I do this time?*. He turned to his bedside table, upon seeing what time it is, his eyes widened, “Shit!”

The clock read 7:30 am.

Rushing footsteps, cursing words and banging of closet doors filled up the room in less than a minute. Only having half an hour to shower, get ready and go to work, Jun didn’t care whether all the noise he’s making would wake up the still sleeping girl in his bed. *I don’t even know her fucking name.*

He got out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist and another one drying his hair when he heard a voice, “Jun… come back to bed.” He looked at her and saw a seducing smirk on her face. *Hmm, I scored a hot one.* While contemplating on whether to join her under the sheets, he saw the time again.

“Shit! I’m fucking late. Umm… What’s your name? Wait, I don’t have time for this. Can you get the fuck out of my bed and house?! I need to go to work… I’m so late! I’m going to get fucking fired!” He kept on rambling as he got ready. Not even minding the girl staring at him, he took the towel off his waist and started to put some clothes on. “Can you stop staring and start moving?”

After locking the door of his apartment, he rushed to the elevator. He kept on checking his watch, tapping his foot on the floor making an echo throughout the hallway while waiting for it to reach his floor. *Why the hell did I choose to live in the 10th floor? I’m so dead. Declan’s going to fucking kill me if I’m late again.*After a few minutes, the elevator door opened, “Finally!”

Two floors below, there’s a girl waiting for the elevator to come. Unlike, Jun’s impatient attitude, she is calmly reading a book in her hand so close to her face. She is so caught up in reading that she didn’t even notice the elevator finally opening just waiting for her to come in.

+++Jun POV+++

The elevator stopped at the 8th floor.  A girl wearing grey sweatpants, and a loose white tee with a duffle bag around her petite body just stood there… She’s reading a book coving her face. What the hell is she doing? I’m so late already and she’s just standing there.

I coughed to get her attention but it didn’t work. I coughed louder but she still didn’t hear me. What the fuck?! “Are you going to fucking get in or not?” I guess she heard me because she started walking in after I said that.

“You don’t have to curse,” her soft whisper didn’t escape my ears. Still reading the book in front of her, she pressed the 7th floor. What the hell?!

“You’re taking the elevator down one floor?” I asked her as nice as I can stopping myself from giving out another foul word. Wait… Why the hell do I care if I curse or not?

“Oh sorry! I meant to press the lobby,” with her eyes still on the page she’s reading, she pressed the 3rd floor instead. What the hell again?! She just said she’s going to the lobby.

“Are you getting someone from the third floor?” Woah, I’m surprised I still sounded civil asking that question.


“Then why did you press 3?”

“Eh?” she finally put her book down as she looked at the numbers. “Sorry! I pressed the wrong button again!” She probably realized that the lobby button was already pressed because she went back to reading her book. Shit! Now the elevator is going to stop at those floors. This is so fucking annoying. This girl is plain stupid. What the hell is she reading that is making her brain deteriorate?!

I tried to peek at what the book is. Succeeding in not making it obvious… well that and the fact that she’s so into her reading, I finally saw the title.

The Game of Truth.



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