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Chapter 2 - Samgyupsal

They both got out of their apartment building. As soon as they did, the busy streets of Seoul welcomed them. The sound of cars honking and footsteps sprinting each conveyed that every second mattered. Adults are walking around with coffee on one hand, while students with their messy uniforms are running trying to catch the departing bus.

Jun looked around, *Looks like everyone is running late today.* However, upon seeing the girl from the elevator walking the same direction as him, still reading her book, he voiced, “Except for the stupid girl”. He walked behind her, mentally applauding the girl for not tripping despite the book blocking her sight the entire time.

Just then, he smelled it. A mouthwatering scent that made his whole being halt. His body slowly turned to the smell’s origin. After knowing the reason for his growling stomach and watery mouth, he smirked, *Samgyupsal!!! See, this is why I moved to that apartment building. Yeah, the only available room that time was the one in the 10th floor but I get to be next to the only 24-hour Korean BBQ in Seoul…. And it’s only walking distance from work.*

He was about to walk in to tend the hungry beast in him when he heard his phone ring. He saw the called-id, *Scary leader Declan*.

"Yah!!! Where the hell are you!?!?" Declan screamed making Jun pull the phone back away from his ears.

"Sorry, I’m walking there right now!"

"Walking? You better start running. I told you I need you early today to train our new dancer!"

"Ok, I’m running now. See you in a few!" Hanging up the phone, he turned away from the restaurant. He was about to start running when he saw the same girl staring at the store. Her book was finally out of her face. Even though he can only see her profile, he can see that her mouth was wide open with eyes bulging staring at the poster in front of her. He chuckled for the first time that day and started running to work passing by behind her, *I guess she likes samgyupsal too.*

+++ Jillian’s POV +++

I tried to move my feet, they won’t listen to me though. I know I shouldn’t stay here any longer or else I’ll be in danger but my body is going against what my mind is saying. If I go inside, they will definitely take all my money!! Should I just come back later tonight? What should I do?!

I looked at how much money I have. Hmm… I should have enough. Should I just go inside and get it over with?

+++ Narrator’s POV +++

Finally questioning what placed Jillian in a dilemma, she said her thoughts out loud, “Kyaaaa! Samgyupsal!! Why do you look so yummy?”

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