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Chapter 3 - The black moth and the yellow butterfly

As soon as he turned the lights on in the previously dark cold office, a black moth flew towards the desk lamp aimlessly. The confined room suffocated him. To ease his pain, he opened the window widely.  Unknown to him, a yellow butterfly came in. He sat down and waited for his boss to tell him today’s agenda. Finally sighting the butterfly, he watched it glide around the room to pass time. 

Despite the butterfly’s natural beauty, Jun noticed its unsteady flight. After a few minutes, he concluded that it’s injured. The butterfly rested against the desk lamp, an inch or two away from the moth. Jun expecting a fight between the two, he leaned in closer. However, he was surprised by what he saw. The black moth and the yellow butterfly danced around in circles, sometimes moving closer to each other, sometimes away.

Just before they close the distance between them once again, the door opened with eyes staring and voice yelling towards Jun. With the silence broken, the butterfly soared out into the world leaving the moth inside the room, flying around with no definite direction to go to.

“Jun Yong!  You’re an hour late!!” Declan lectured Jun, whose eyes are still following the moth. “Yah! Are you listening to me?!”

“Nope,” Jun joked. But when he saw the other’s eyes shooting invisible laser beams at him, “Of course, I am. Now, where’s this new dancer I’m about to torture?”

Declan avoided his questioning face. He looked down and started arranging his already tidy desk, “She’s… not yet… here.”

“What?!?!! Fuck Declan. You woke me up this early and yelled at me for my ‘lateness’, when she’s not even here??”

“Don’t yell at me! Even though we were friends first, remember that I’m still your boss within the studio,”

“Yeah yeah yeah… Now why is this new girl late, boss?”

“I’m not sure. Yale said she just moved in yesterday… and she doesn’t have a phone. Maybe she got lost?”

“What the hell? Did she come from the country side? Who doesn’t have a cell phone nowadays?”

“She did,” a new voice by the door said so making both Declan and Jun turn towards him.

“How did you know that Deven?” Jun asked.

“Because she told me. She’s outside being interrogated by Heath. Let’s go before he takes advantage of her,” the youngest one answered, looking rather excitedly.

“Take advantage?”

“Yeah!!! She’s is so pretty!!” he exclaimed leaving the office.

Declan and Jun looked at each other, knowing what the other is thinking; they stood up from their seats and rushed out of the room to meet the “pretty new girl”.


The two started racing, pushing and tripping each other. Before Jun could even touch the door handle, he was pulled back by Declan, making him land on the floor, “Yah! Calm the fuck down! If you want to see her that bad, go ahead. No need to injure me.”

He got up and saw Declan’s frozen body. He took this chance to step in, “Hahahaha, I win, Bossss!” Declan’s eyes were glued passed his friend’s laughing state. Wondering what caught his friend’s attention, Jun turned around.

Despite, Heath and Deven’s endless questions next to her, she heard someone curse. Wandering why that voice sounds so familiar, she turned towards that direction. She saw a boy staring back at her. She straightened her tilted head, questioning why his eyes won’t leave hers.

+++ Jillian’s POV +++

He stood there with his head tilted to one side, both his hands in his pockets. We stared at each other for a few seconds. His previously blank face now painted some kind of amusement. He walked towards me and stopped a few feet in front of us. He then smirked, “Hi stupid girl.”

“Don’t call her stupid! She’s pretty!” Heath butted in before I can even say something.

“Shut the fuck up. Just because you think she’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s not stupid,” The boy reasoned out in front of me. He has a point though. Wait, did I just agree with him about me being stupid?!

“Hey, you don’t even know me and please stop cursing…” I whispered the last part looking down. I wish he heard it though. I hate it when people curse. As I looked back up, I saw the smirk still in his face.

“You don’t remember me?”

My eyebrows furrowed as I tried to remember him. But when nothing came to mind, “I’m sorry. Should I know who you are?”

“See, you really are stupid! We live in the same apartment bui-“

“You live together!?!” Deven yelled next to me.

“Stupid! You didn’t let me finish! Apartment building! She lives in the 8th floor! And she’s one of the reasons why I was late today.”

After hearing him say that, I finally remembered this guy who took the elevator with me this morning. How can I forget how those foul words sound like coming from his mouth? And the fact that he asked way too many questions distracting me from reading my book.

Just before I could say something, I heard a new voice, “Okay guys!! Enough chit-chatting and go to work,” he moved closer to me and held a hand out, “Hi Jillian! My name is Declan and I am the manager for this dance studio. This is Jun. He’ll be training you for a few weeks.”

“Training?” I grimaced at the thought of spending time with this meanie. Looking at his smug face right now, I can already see that he’ll give me a hard time.

“Yeah, it won’t be about dancing since you’re probably already capable of that since you’re here. It will focus more on how you’ll teach the students, what kind of choreography we teach here, etc.”

“Jillian! Can I see you dance?!!” Deven screamed into my ears. Why does everyone scream here? I guess he’s rubbing off on them. Wait… What did he just say? Dance? In front of them? Kyaaaa.

My heart started beating so fast. My breathing became uneven. My whole body is still frozen but beads of sweat started to form on my forehead. I never really danced in front of a lot of people… and definitely not strangers.

He is the one that forced me to move to Seoul and work here. Speaking of him, where is he?! Just before I can even mentally complain about that guy, the door opened wide and the person I’ve been looking for stood there breathless.


“Hiiiiii!!!!” I ran towards him and hugged him as tight as I can. I haven’t seen him in so long. I felt my own tears on my cheeks as I heard him call out my name.


“Jillian, I’m sorry I just got here.”


“I missed you so much!”


“I know, I know. I missed you too. No need to cry, I’m here now and I’ll never leave your side.”


Upon hearing him say that, I sobbed even louder. After a few minutes of our reunion, I heard a few coughs behind me. That’s when I remembered that there were still other people in the room. I slowly let go of him. He cupped my face and wiped my tears and then finally, I saw his dimpled smile that I missed so much. This made me smile as well. I can’t believe he’s right in front of me. He took my hand as we walked back to the others.


I was about to laugh out loud as I saw the others’ faces. Deven has a shocked face with both his hands pulling out his hair. Heath’s arms were folded together by his chest while he kept on shaking his head. Declan’s face is probably the funniest. His eyes and mouth were wide open. Whereas that meanie still has a smirk pasted on his arrogant face. Why does he keep on looking at me like that?


“Hey guys! I guess you all met Jillian. And sorry about that, she can be a crybaby sometimes,” he told them as he put one arm on my waist pulling me closer to him while his other hand petted my head.


“You know each other?” I heard Heath oppa.


“Of course! This girl is my whole life,”


That’s when all hell breaks loose. Deven and Heath started jumping up and down yelling, Declan’s eyes and mouth opened even wider, while Jun’s smirk turned into a glare. I always hated how he introduces me to other people, it’s so corny. I should leave for now and let oppa explain to them.


“Oppa, I have to use the bathroom. Where is it?”


“Go outside and turn a right. It’s the door on your left. It should be across the other training room,” after telling me the direction, he told me to be quick and kissed my forehead. I think Deven yelled even louder after seeing that. 



I was about to enter the restroom when I heard music coming from the other room. The door was slightly opened, letting me see what’s happening inside.


My heart throbbed with the beat of the music. It thumped with every move his body made. His quick breaths tried to catch up with his fast movements. His face showed concentration, while his eyes emanated passion. I’ve never seen anyone dance like this. As if they have a mind of their own, my hands opened the door letting me. With every beat resounding in the room, I stepped closer to him. When the resonating music finally stopped, his body dropped to the floor. His panting was the only thing I could hear now. My eyes focused on the rising and descending of his chest. Again, my hands moved by themselves. Upon hearing my claps, he quickly stood up and looked at me.


“Who are you?” I heard his voice for the first time.

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As you can see I changed Delon’s name to Declan…. I tried using my friends’ names to replace B2ST’s names and it’s just so weird… so i decided to use random names.. except for Jun(Junhyung’s).

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